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A Schauzer, groomed at A1!

A1 Dog Grooming is centrally located for Newtownabbey, Doagh, Antrim, Ballyclare and Ballymena.  It is located 5 miles from Doagh village in Northern Ireland and is a quality, family run business committed to ensuring your pet is groomed to the highest of standards.


Love your Pet?

Hate The Shedding?


Collection for Dog Grooming - Day Boarding - Drop-off service


Drop your pet off or have your pet collected for Grooming.


Your pet can stay with us all day and be picked up by you when it suits that same day or evening or even the next day or you can have your pet delivered back to you when it suits you.


Please ring for a no obligation quotation...


Remove hair from your pet - not the sofa!


For all smooth coated breeds and cross breeds


The thinking behind the shed less treatment is simple logic - the more hair you remove from your pet, the less hair you need to remove from your sofa, your clothes, your floors, your carpet, your car and your home!


Typical pet Dog Grooming systems merely wash and comb your pet's hair without addressing the underlying problem which literally is the underlying problem - your pet's undercoat!


It's not the hair you see, it's the hair you don't!

Your pet's undercoat can become a dense mass of loose, dead hair, and the major source of shedding.  The shed less treatment was developed to grab and remove (not cut) undercoat quickly and easily.


Neither the specialised tools or the process harms your pet.  All natural de-shedding shampoo and de-shedding solutions are great for promoting a healthy skin and coat on your pet.

What our customers say:

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I can recommend A1 Dog Grooming to anyone looking for a friendly,convenient and very professional service.

After trying numerous grooming services my wee westie Barny now looks exactly like the way he is supposed to...what a difference! Also,it was the only place I found where I could drop off my dog before I go to work and pick him up on the way home, it is so convenient!

They do it all: bath, shampoo, clipping, nails, ears and glands and he always looks so cute! When I was off work recently, they picked him up, groomed him and delivered him back home, so their collection and drop off service is ideal for anyone tied to the house! They also have fantastic looking boarding kennels which I intend to use in the summer! Excellent all round service, Barny likes it too!
- Sarah, Greater Belfast


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